Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Boo-itful at 'Cure Beauty Bar

Cure Beauty Bar invites you to a spooky deal

Book your appointment between the witching hours of

12pm - 7pm

Oct. 28th – 31st
$8 Mani’s & $20 Pedi’s

Black and Orange nail polish only!!

Hurry before the deal R.I.P.

‘Cure Beauty Bar
921 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, NY 11238

718 622 7100

Friday, October 23, 2009

Minxs Minxs Minxs...and did I say MINXS!

Just little Friday Minxs action for your viewing pleasure! Courtesy of  'Cure beauty bar..Minxed Remixed by Me & AnnieB....Check for us!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mad About Matte..Our new obession!

This summer was all about Bright, Bold, Shiny colors...and boy did we rock them! On our hands and feet! Non-Stop...and we looked good!

But now, our new obsession? Matte Colors!! Deep, warm , yet edgy...just how we like it when there starts to be a little chill in the air.
Below are a few Matte Colors by Zoya, who we absolutely L-O-V-E! probably one of the best brands out there with the dopest colors! And Zoya Nail Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor, which makes it extra yummy for the natural nails!

Call us to get "Matted" 718 622 7100 or


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Party Ova Here!

'Cure beauty bar is Super Excited to be celebrating our 2 year Anniversary!

Where: 'Cure beauty bar
             921 Fulton St.
             Brooklyn, NY 11217
             718 622 7100

When: Saturday, Oct 10th from 11am - 7pm

What: Only the best time you can imagine! Drinks, treats and of course Nails!

Why:  Because we loooooooove you at  'Cure beauty bar! and we rocked out for 2 years!

Also meet some of our New Team Members:


These ladies are Purty Awesome!

Parlour Magazine -Profile

Modern Maven: LaShunda Davis Has The ‘Cure

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009
by Parlour Fam

Earlier this week, we gave you a reason to believe in one of our favorite New York beauty havens, ‘Cure Beauty Bar of Brooklyn. The more we learned to love ‘Cure, the more we’ve gotten to know it’s proprietor, LaShunda Davis, who is a true example of what type of lemonade you can make when you get thrown some sour lemons. Originally from Las Vegas, Davis worked her way through fashion as a stylist for Nike and market editor for Vibe Vixen Magazine before she caught the spa bug. Now that she’s getting ready to celebrate her 2 year anniversary, she sat down with Parlour to talk past, present and what the future holds.

Tell us the ‘Cure story.

‘Cure beauty bar came about from being tired of letting others control my future. After being “laid-off”, or we’ll call it what it is FIRED, I made a conscious decision that I would not allow myself to be in that situation again. So, I did some praying and soul searching and thought: “where would I like to spend my day and for the most part, be stress free?” A SPA! I immersed myself into learning about the spa business. I went to nail technician school, wrote a business plan, formed a LLC with my sister, Tina and ‘Cure beauty bar was born. Of course it was not as easy as it sounds but essentially that’s how it all started. We wanted ‘Cure to be a relaxing spa get-away in our neighborhood, that offered expert service, a cool vibe and place where men and women alike could come and feel at home.
What is the full range of services that ‘Cure offers?

‘Cure beauty bar offer natural nail services, meaning we care for the natural nails and do not perform nail extensions, full body massages, organic facials, expert full body hair removal, and our newest addition Minx nails! It’s a nail covering that come in all types of colors and designs, our personal favorites are the gold and silver metallic. We also carry Voluspa Candles, Cubannie Links Jewelry and host of other yummy indulgences.
There seems to be a new trend of “beauty bars” popping up, but we notice that they are just giving us the same services with fresh paint on the walls. What makes ‘Cure the spot to choose?

Our concept was designed around a bar-like experience. Your manicure is given at a bar and your pedicures are performed while customers relax on oversize chairs for a lounge type feel. In the background, cool sounds are played for your listening pleasure. And on any given day I am known to open a bottle of wine or prosecco for our customers to enjoy with their services. The beauty aspect comes from how you look and feel when you leave ‘Cure.

Did anyone think you were crazy for opening a space in Brooklyn? Or, at the time you did considering our current economic recession?

Well after getting “laid off” I was in my own personal recession and decided to take charge of my future. I was a year into my business when the recession hit. I did notice a decline in business and that’s when I introduced the $30 mani/pedi special on weekdays as well as other specials and packages. It was my way to give back to my great customers and attract new ones.
What are your future plans with the space? New locations? A product line?

The plans are to expand ‘Cure beauty bar in late 2010 to a second location in Brooklyn as well as in my hometown of Las Vegas. A product line for ‘Cure beauty bar is definitely in the works and Parlour Magazine will be the first to know when it launches!
What advice would you give to women who are looking to switch careers and/or start their own business?

Research, Research, research and pray, pray, pray! Understand where your funding is coming from and a having nest egg is important , especially when you have a service business. There are so many variables that dictate how people spend money. Given that I am in the service business, my biggest piece of advice would be, great customer service! Once you get that nailed down and that’s half the battle.

If you are in New York, come and get a taste of ‘Cure for yourself this Saturday, 10/10. In celebration of their 2-year anniversary, ‘Cure will be offering yummy sweets, music, drinks and $7 manicures or $10 off a mani/pedi when you mention Parlour. Hours are 11am to 7pm—we will be around so be sure to say hi!

Here's A little Piece...and its Yummy

Parlour Special!: Our Brooklyn Beauty ‘Cure’

Monday, October 5th, 2009
by J. Baker

New York – Judging from talks with friends recently, I’m pretty sure the words “saving” and “cutting back” have invaded our personal vocabularies more than we care to admit. In 2008, yours truly was seriously caught up in the madness of $14 lunches, $20 drinks after work and a quick stop by a boutique or department store on the way home. The Parlour mavens and I weren’t ballin’, but we weren’t exactly on a budget either. Fast forward one year and we all find ourselves patting ourselves on the back that not only did we make it this far, we did it on our own terms, we did it with style, and we made sure to schedule a few “pick-me-up” trips to one of our favorite places to have a sweet-yet-smart indulgence: ‘Cure Beauty Bar of Brooklyn.

Bright, airy and inviting, a trip to ‘Cure takes care of the three places you’d usually have to run into the city for; eyebrows, waxing, nails, etc. And for many of us Brooklyn girls, the spa is close to home. You walk in and instead of feeling like you are in a factory (”pick a color/write your name”), you are offered a seat, a glass of wine or water, the latest fashion & lifestyle mags and a portrait of John Coltrane to ease you in. Because ‘Cure specializes in natural nail care, you can forget about dealing with the smell of acrylic powder and those godawful nail art portraits. Recently I decided to treat myself since my paws started to look like something out of The Flintstones, and ‘Cure’s weekday $30 mani/pedi special was a great way to walk into the weekend:

First up, the pedicure. Normally, I have one eye on my technician and one eye on my book when I get pedicures. Every woman has at least one horror story when it comes to their feet, but after one minute with Annie (pictured above) I was pretty confident that I could chill and just be. Everything is tailored to your liking, from the temperature of the water to the shape of your nails, with some tips on how to keep your pedi tight sprinkled in. It wasn’t too long or too quick. All of the quality products used, from Carol’s Daughter to Yoza, were to ensure that my feet looked the same a week after my pedi—and they did.

On to the manicure. To be honest—until recently, I never saw the point in manicures. I spent most of my college years in a darkroom and printing studio, so the combo of chemicals and pigments made the idea of a manicure kind of pointless, now I still carry the same attitude—why spend money of something that I will ruin? After briefly examining my bare nails, Annie took the time to explain that she would file them in a way that would help them grow stronger and LaShunda, the owner of ‘Cure, helped me get out of my safe-zone of natural colors and try something new—a matte red. I know I think I’m a celebrity in my head, but it seems that getting the star treatment is the norm at ‘Cure. After we prepped my hands and nails with a thorough cleaning, shaping, hot-towel treatment and moisturizing, Annie worked out my color.

<< My fab fingas + toes, lol!

One thing that I noticed about Annie and the other ‘Cure technicians is the time they dedicate to prepping and applying nail color and how it really does go a long way in making the color last. The process isn’t daunting and there seems to be a sense of pride in what they do, which makes for a great experience. The combination of good (ie. not cheap) products with a focus on the process not only gives you a fly set of finger & toes, but saves you time and money in the long run— a week later I was still going strong on the top and bottom without having to touch myself up. Maybe I’ll get Minxed on my next return, it’s another specialty at ‘Cure.

Other than offering great services like manis/pedis, waxing, massages and facials, ‘Cure also carries a variety of brands to compliment your pretty “after” style, like the Cubannie Links line of jewelry (pictured above) and Kissable Couture lip-glosses. Unlike most nail salons or “spas,” you never feel like a number in an assembly line—you just want may to hang out all day. It seems like I have my own little ‘cure for my beauty blues right on Fulton Avenue.

Go see for yourself this Saturday as Parlour helps to celebrate Cure’s anniversary with complimentary food, wine, music and spa services throughout the day. Stop by and receive a $7 manicure between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. or $10 off of a manicure/pedicure when you mention Parlour.
‘Cure Beauty Bar

921 Fulton St

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(718) 622-7100

Hours: Wed - Fri.12pm-8pm; Sat 11am-7pm; Sun 12pm-6pm
Photography: Berman Fenelus for AAC

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Welcome to Funky Fresh Fall

There may be a chill in the air outside but its HAWT at 'Cure beauty bar!

Welcome to our first Blog Post!

We are hoping this will be YOUR place for lively discussion about fashion, pop culture, hot boys, sexy girls and Nails, Nails, Nails!

Drop us a line and let us know what you like, what you don't like...but be nice and anything else you want to shout out!

In mean-time click here to view our dope services!